Australia has the highest incidence of skin cancer in the world.

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How can we help? 

The high prevalence of skin cancer among Australia’s population, together with 30 years of public health campaigns such as SunSmart, has raised community awareness and anxiety about skin cancer. 

The importance of early detection and regular skin self examination is generally well understood in the community. What is less well understood is where to go for a skin check, when to have a skin check and whether to have skin photography or computer assisted diagnosis.

If you’ve noticed a change in a mole or spot, don’t risk your health. Get your skin checked by your SmartClinics GP – especially if you are over 40 and/or have sundamaged skin, or multiple moles and freckles.

While most GPs can perform skin checks, the following SmartClinics Doctors have further qualifications in this field and can also remove any dangerous spots or moles saving you a trip to the Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon: