​​​​Phenix Health iOS and Android application + smart glasses developed for revolutionary training within a variety of industries, including medical, compliance, manufacturing and technology sectors.

Phenix Health

Phenix Eye proudly partners with International Technology companies and the global market leader for enterprise wearable computing solutions.

We are the only distributors of this technology in the Australia-Pacific region.



Limited and expensive practical exposure for junior workers or trainees to gain industry-specific experience.


Difficult to coordinate training sessions in regional parts of Australia, with lower numbers of experienced trainers.


Large training groups may not be feasible, meaning that some individuals miss the opportunity for an up-close and personal training experience.


Lack of live guidance and support for junior workers who have limited work experience. 



Smart glass technology enables the entire training session to be viewed live, in real-time by any trainee via a 1080p HD camera. This means a trainer could be in Sydney, while the trainee is in Perth.


High-quality training videos recorded on the smart glasses can be stored for future use in additional educational purposes. 


An ear speaker and noise cancelling microphone enables real-time, remote hands-free teaching, via two-way communication.


Junior workers who are new to their field can receive live audio support from a more experienced worker, who can see everything the trainee can see through the smart glasses.


Who benefits from our one to many and many to one video solution technology?

  • Aged Care
  • Home Care or Independent living
  • Workplace Safety
  • Allied Health
Reducing travel and costs

No longer do companies have to invest heavily to send their professionals around the country to train new staff. As long as their is network connectivity a trainee and professional can be connected.


The point of view of a qualified professional provides a ‘real’ scenario training session. Find out what is required in any given situation by experiencing it live and first hand.


Live and instant feedback via audio, upscale your trainees immediately.

One to Many

  • Allow a trained professional to follow multiple trainees simultaneously
  • Providing feedback at time of training
  • Removing travel cost for companies sending trained professionals
Many to One

  • Allow multiple trainees to be seeing the POV(point of view) of a health professional
  • Real-time training 
  • Insight

Additional Features

Extended features of the Phenix Eye

Live Data Reporting

Track and monitor the on goings of your meetings

Business Integration

Use existing solutions or enquire about company specific requirements.

Organisation and User Management

Full control and access over your company’s workers