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Medical Professsionals

Are you tired of having limited patients and unlimited costs?

Let’s face it; as a medical professional you can only see so many patients a day. And while you can supplement your income with patient care plans, to have a truly profitable career you need to find other creative ways to generate income and market yourself to offset increasing costs.

The rise of cosmetic medicine

With a deep desire to look and feel their best, Australian’s are now spending over $1 billion dollars every year on cosmetic procedures. With the demand for cosmetic therapies increasing so rapidly, the latest figures have shown Australians spend more on cosmetic procedures per capita than Americans*.

While it is often thought that many of these procedures come from a place of vanity, the truth is, cosmetic injections can assist with the discomfort, embarrassment and low self-esteem that can come from a number of medical conditions including:

  • Migraines and headaches
  • Excessive sweating
  • Eyelid muscle spasms
  • Facial tics
  • Cervical Dystonia
  • Upper Limb Spasticity
  • Squinting
  • Crooked eyes
  • Face drooping
  • Teeth grinding
Patients want someone they know and trust

When getting cosmetic injectables, a patient wants someone they know and trust, who has proven time and again that they have the patient’s best interests at heart. Who better than you, their local doctor or nurse?

If your patient is going to go somewhere to have a cosmetic procedure done, isn’t it better to have it done with you, the person who knows their history, will make sure the best injectable ingredients are used and will be diligent during and after the procedure?

A prescription for profitability

For the last ten years Phenix Health has been building, through hands-on experience, the most patient-focused, compliant and transparent operation in the cosmetic injecting industry – and now that it is released, we are offering doctors like you, the opportunity to increase your income with a leading brand in a growing industry in a way that suits you.

Maybe you or a registered nurse at your practice wants to upskill in the area of cosmetic injectables?

We can provide you with training and business support.

Perhaps you have a treatment room that is empty a few hours a week that could be used more profitably?

We can provide you with qualified registered nurses who specialise in cosmetic injectables.

Or is it that you want to fill in those few extra hours in your schedule by talking to patients as a supervising doctor?

We can provide you with the training and the technology.

Offering you the strength and trust of an established and respected brand, ongoing development opportunities, strong supplier relationships, industry leading technology and greater buying power, we arm you with everything you need to make your business a success.

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You might just find it is exactly what the doctor ordered.