Phenix Health Collaboration Partnerships

Direct Control

Business management administration software – Multi disciplinary for Hospitals, Allied Health, Pain management Clinics, Geriatrics, General Practice, Ophthalmology Pathology, Radiology, Specialists and Surgeons.


and Transcribing services.

Surgical Partners

Health administration management, automatic fee splitting between health providers and organisations; reconcile daily, real time feed.

  • PowerHouse LMS – Onboarding, Training and CPD Management
  • PowerHouse Performance – Risk profiling, succession planning and performance management
  • PowerHouse Certification – Industry certification, qualification and assessment management
Medical Devices

Aerotel, Fora, InstaMD, Ihealth, BedIT, GPs tracking, wearables, biometric monitoring, Geo fencing and mobile personal alarms, connected to Apple Health Kit and drawing all raw data from devices in one Mobile Application.


For Care providers and Nurses and Health professionals – Mediasphere and TAFE.